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Iontocure iD-100

$249.00 $349.00 saving $100.00
Iontocure iD-100

Iontocure iD-100

$249.00 $349.00 saving $100.00

New iontophoresis machine iD-200 is available! Buy it Now!

Iontocure iD-100 treats hyperhidrosis of the hands and feet using iontophoresis
Tap water iontophoresis is a treatment used for excessive sweating that interferes with the sweat glands just below the outermost layer of the skin.

Scientifically Proven Solution
Studies have shown that iontophoresis machines positively treat 90% to 100% of cases where patients experience palmar and plantar hyperhidrosis. Learn more about how iontophoresis works

Package include:

  • Power supply*1
  • Electrodes*2
  • Plastic briefcase*1
  • Banana plugs*1
  • Soft Protection Mats*2 Or Towel *2
  • Timer*1 (gift)

In order to save the world’s forests, Instruction manual only available in PDF!

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 We are convinced it will! If you have no results within 60 days, simply send us back your device and you will receive a full refund, no questions asked!

NOTE: Successful iontophoresis treatment need patience with scientific approach!

Customer Reviews

Based on 48 reviews
Sweat gone!

It got rid of my sweat completely. I love this machine so much.

Rare Review

I normally never provide reviews however in this case, I feel I need to share the merits of this product. I have struggled with excessive sweating my entire life. I ordered the ID-100 in early May. They sent me the ID-200 and after initially being confused that the instructions did not match the product, I figured out it was the 200 model and started my sessions in mid-May. I did 9 straight days on both my hands & feet. It worked, and I have not experienced ANY sweating since (it is June 7). Since then, I do 1 session once/week. Wearing sandals for the first time in my life and feeling better than ever!

Lo mejor que me a pasado!

Buen día, Este producto es lo mejor que me a pasado en mi vida.
Yo tuve una cirugía de hiperhidrosis hace unos años pero el sudor me volvio.
Hasta que encontré este producto y pues al principio no pensé nada, pero después de dos semana siguiendo los pasos todos lo dias.
Que les puedo decir, ya no estoy sudando ni en mis manos y ni en mis pies.
Muchas gracias.
Best thing in the word.

At Last!

I always considered my case a bad one, with sweat dripping from my hands and feet, including the tops of my fingers and toes. But not anymore. This device worked so fast for me, I barely worry if I'm sweating. I've even noticed the times I normally would sweat, I don't. I definitely reccomend.

It’s definitely works !!!! But you must be consistent

This is a honest review. This definitely works , I bought it about 3-4 weeks ago and my Son using it about 5 days a week for about 3 weeks straight 2x 10 minutes and he shows improved. According to him. He had really sweaty hands before.
He will continue to use it and I would say he will need a maintenance.
I definitely recommend it!!!!!!!!!!! It’s can be life changing for people with sweaty hands .
Probably works for feet as well!
Thank you!!