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Never in a million years did I think any of these hyperhydrosis treatments would actually work. This thing did the trick. My hand are actually dry for the first time in my life. This machine takes time & patience, but it works after 2-4 weeks. This is a very VERY cheap & practical alternative to almost ALL other similar machine, with the BEST customer service ALSO. I'd buy another one some day just to thank them for this machine.

Life changing

Honestly I was doubtful that this would work but as I had tried everything else I thought I'd give it a go. After only using it 3 times my hands and feet no longer sweat for no reason. Using it once a week, sweaty palms are now a thing of the past. Can quite clearly say it was one of the best purchases I've made. The confidence you gain when meeting people is priceless.

Worth the money

Wish I had tried it sooner honestly. Mine is so severe that I still have to take my medicine with using the machine regularly but this combo stops sweating completely. Nothing else I have tried works as well as this machine!

Happy Customer

I have been using an Iontocure i-100 for some seven months. While it is not cure and not a miracle, it has worked quite well and has helped me. I started with ten daily sessions on my habds and my feet, and the wetness disappeared. They were quite wet before. The wetness will return after a few weeks, and I will do a couple of sessions again, and all is good. So regular maintenance is important. The side effect I had was itch in the center of the palm, but it would go away in a couple of days without me taking any action.

Thank you , you are a gift from god!

First off , i want to thank this company’s amazing customer service , especially jacky. I made a mistake while ordering and they were very professional , quick and generous at handling the problem i was so surprised because i’ve never seen such professional attitude not even from the biggest online marketplaces. Thanks again jacky !
2nd , i am 24 years old and i have been suffering from sweaty hands ever since i was born!! It made my life hell and it embarrassed me my whole life. Couldnt even do simple tasks like taking an exam without the paper getting wet and ripped , electronic fingerprints were a nightmare , couldnt even use my iphone’s touch ID. Trust me when i tell you it was Bad.
I purchased this machine because its the best price i could find and i am so thankful i did. Its been 6 treatments now and i already see a HUGE difference. I think by the 7th or 8th my hands are going to be completely dry! You guys are a miracle. Thank you so much for everything! Best company ever!


I can’t thank you enough the iD-200
This product has worked within a week on my 17 year old son, who has sweaty hands.
His not anxious anymore.
His not moody or sad
He can’t stop smiling.
His confidence level has gone through the roof and now his taken up bull riding in a Rodeo. There’s no issues with his hand holding onto bull rope.
I have my son back after a year of anxiety
I have no words to explain how this machine work so effectively, it just does

Once again
Thank you

Works Well

My experience using the iD-100 has been positive. It works effectively when used often, but make sure to add salt or similar media to the water for better results. The effectiveness varied depending on how often it was used and the quality of water (soft vs hard, salt vs no salt). The design is simple and easy to use. Make sure everything is plugged in correctly however, as some of the wires were easily jostled out of place by small movements.


Such small machine can change someomes life that all


Great product


This product is absolutely amazing! Didn’t think it was going to work, but it absolutely blew me away!

Great machine.

It fixed my hand sweaty issue.

Works good not perfect

Only works if you keep using it and it lessens the sweating does not remove problem completely. My daughter has a sever case so unless she uses it religiously and keeps using it, is the only way it works at all. If she stops using the problem comes right back.

Life Saver

Im a level 10 case of hyperhydrosis on my hands and feet but this machine has changed my life. It takes a while to see a change but after that week or so of treatment my hands and feet are sweat free.

Works great and i feel like a new person

After a week my hands and feet stop sweating.
I love this product and im not afraid to shake anyone’s hand anymore.
This product gives me confidence in life like no other.

It helps a lot!

Hello, I am one of the person who has hyperhidrosis. My hands and feet was always wet and it bother me so much because I can't even chop the meat when my hands are so sweaty. After using this, my hands and feet get warmer and stop sweating. It can makes your hands and feet quite dry if you do it too often but otherwise this is the best thing ever. Just give it a try!

trying the machine

I haven't used the machine for two weeks. so I can only talk about the delivery process which was very good.

Iontocure Review

I like it. A very simple machine that I wish I found years ago. It's still early, but it seems to be working. Thanks so much.

Easy to use and works perfectly!

My feet used to sweat a lot and I was desperate for another option besides botox or surgery. I did the surgery for my hands and it worked, but I developed compensatory sweating in the back so I didn't want to take the risk of more compensatory sweating. The botox is only temporary and each session is expensive. I heard iontophoresis could be another option and I tried it, and after 1 week using the machine I already started seeing results. I've been using for more than 6 months now and I only used it once a week. It was such a relief for a problem that bothered me a lot for so many years.

Life changing device

Life changing device. I saw result after the 1st day of use. easy and very safe device to use. I use all voltage level with no issue.

Works Like a Charm

I'm 100% satisfied with my iontophoresis machine from Iontocure.

Sweaty hands and feet have caused me life long anxiety, but not anymore!

I recommend this devise to anyone experiencing palmer or plantar hyperhydrosis.

Hasnt acheived any results as yet

No change to hands as yet and have followed a daily routine religiously.

highly recommended!

works so well and improved my quality of life drastically! just make sure to use it regularly with at least weekly or twice weekly maintenance sessions and your hands will feel great and stay dry! Thanks!!!

A life saver!

The machine,was bought for me.It was a blessing to me. I can do paper work no problems with leaving marks. I can touch people with out feeling ashamed. Can go 2wks with out a treatment..An amazing machine! Thank you so much. Donna

Iontocure review

I ordered this product in desperation. I received the product and i would have to say. Putting the time into the machine, you will see results. I work alot and just trying to make enough time to put my hands in the machine, started to be to much for me to do.i know people out there want anything that works. Honestly i dont use mine anymore. There needs to been something more efficient. Im sorry if thats not the answer you wanted, but it is the truth. Also i noticed the tips of finger begin to split. I really couldnt bare the pain of that either.

Dear Lawrence, We appreciate your reviews. Your feedback is the answer we want as it is the truth. As you said successfully iontophoresis treatment need patience and you didn't have too much time. Our suggestion is can you try iontophoresis treatment combine with antihydral (or carpe lotion) to get a quick result. Refer the split of your finger tips, please do not forget use a moisturizing cream after treatment session. Thanks again for your review & best wishes for you! Regards Iontocure team
Persevere it actually works!

Took a lot of perseverance with daily use for 3 weeks before it made any difference. But I’m so happy that I stuck with it as my feet are now perfectly dry!