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How to deal with sweaty hands while wearing gloves?

People who work in a lab or a hospital and have to wear nitrile or latex gloves for the best part of the day, know that we always sweat more from our hands with gloves on.

However, for people that already have an excessive sweating problem (a condition known as hyperhidrosis), the situation can quickly become unbearable and reduce their productivity at work. Here are a couple of solutions :

1) Change your gloves as often as possible

Gloves are usually the cheapest equipement we use in a lab or a clinic. We shouldn't be afraid to change them often. That will reduce the risks of infections and allow you to dry your hands. I recommend bringing more than one towel to make sure you won't run out of dry towels before the end of your shift.

If you work in a high stress environment (ex: hospital), be aware that the stress will only increase the amount of sweat release by your body.

2) Ethanol or hand coolers

Spray 70% ethanol on the outside of your gloves. The evaporation will cool your hand and allow yourself to enjoy e break from sweating. However DO NOT spray it directly to your hands as it will dry your hands too much.  

You can also try buying a hand cooler. However we do not recommend these solutions if you are experiencing excessive sweating all the time since the temperature is not far from the only factor creating excessive sweating.