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Wish I found this Iontophoresis Machine 20 years ago?

I'll start by saying that I have severe HH on my hands and feet. I'm sure everyone reading this knows and understands the struggle that creates for daily life and social situations. 

Treatments I have tried in the past: 
- over the counter topical antiperspirants (did not work) 
- prescription topical antiperspirants (did not work)

- oral prescription strength medication (glycopyrolate) plus the topical antiperspirant (this worked for me for a few years, however over time the effectiveness began to diminish, and the side effects were getting worse. The side effects were dry eyes, dry nose, dry mouth, everything was dry and it was very uncomfortable. So I eventually stopped taking those meds about 5 years ago and have just lived with the HH since then). 

- Next on my list was ETS surgery 

Fortunately, my new dermatologist told me about the iontophoresis machines and suggested I give it a try. I did some research and found the iontoderma machine was the most inexpensive, and the customer service is also great. 

Below is a brief timeline for my experience with the machine so far: 
Was delivered to my house in about 4 days 
For my first week of treatment, I started on the lowest voltage setting for the first treatment and increased by 1 level every treatment. Eventually I got to the highest voltage at 10 minutes per hand and 10 minutes per foot. 

Monday 3/6 - I did my first treatment on the lowest setting, 15 minutes each (total 1 hour), the next morning I noticed my hands were maybe 20% dryer for a few hours 
Tuesday 3/7 - 2nd treatment, 15 minutes each (total 1 hour), the next day my hands and feet were sweating all day, worse than normal 
Wednesday 3/8 - 3rd treatment, 15 minutes each (total 1 hour), the next day my hands and feet were still sweating worse 
Thursday 3/9 - I decided to do a treatment in the morning and in the evening, so 2 treatments, 15 minute each for a total of 2 hour, and the next day the sweating was improved by about 20 or 30% 
Friday 3/10 - 6th treatment at night, 10 minutes each (total 40 minutes), the next day my hands and feet were completely dry for most of the day 
Saturday 3/11 - 7th treatment at night, 10 minutes each (total 40 minutes), the next day hands and feet were dry all day 
Sunday 3/12 - 8th treatment at night, 10 minutes each (total 40 minutes), that was the last treatment I have done so far 

Today is 3/22, and my hands and feet are still dry from my last treatment 10 days ago. I was tempted to do another treatment on Wednesday 3/15 for maintenance, but instead I decided to wait until the sweating came back to see how long I could go. Needless to say I am shocked and amazed that it still has not returned yet. 

I've never gone a full day without sweating from what I can recall, much less 10 straight days. I can't believe how effective this machine is after only using it for 1 week. I was a little discouraged at first when my hands and feet were sweating worse than before after the first couple of treatments, but just stick to it and hopefully you will have the same results as me. 

Things I have done in the last 10 days with dry hands- 
- shake lots of hands 
- hold my wife's hand for longer than 10 or 15 minutes at a time 
- type a lot at work without needing to take breaks 
- giving presentations at work without stressing out the entire time about my hands 
- joined a group workout class (big source of anxiety before), thinking about doing yoga now 
- handwritten notes 
- even playing a video game on my phone, which I could never do before 
- more importantly I have NOT felt overwhelming anxiety every time I knew I was going to have to shake a hand (basically every single social or professional setting) 

There are so many things I'm looking forward to doing now without having to worry about my hands. Playing golf, maybe playing piano or learning guitar, public speaking more, meeting new people more, etc. 

I pray that others get the same results that I did, I'm grateful to God that I have some relief and really hope it continues. I also hope this (long) review is helpful to someone.

How to deal with sweaty hands while wearing gloves?

People who work in a lab or a hospital and have to wear nitrile or latex gloves for the best part of the day, know that we always sweat more from our hands with gloves on.

However, for people that already have an excessive sweating problem (a condition known as hyperhidrosis), the situation can quickly become unbearable and reduce their productivity at work. Here are a couple of solutions :

1) Change your gloves as often as possible

Gloves are usually the cheapest equipement we use in a lab or a clinic. We shouldn't be afraid to change them often. That will reduce the risks of infections and allow you to dry your hands. I recommend bringing more than one towel to make sure you won't run out of dry towels before the end of your shift.

If you work in a high stress environment (ex: hospital), be aware that the stress will only increase the amount of sweat release by your body.

2) Ethanol or hand coolers

Spray 70% ethanol on the outside of your gloves. The evaporation will cool your hand and allow yourself to enjoy e break from sweating. However DO NOT spray it directly to your hands as it will dry your hands too much.  

You can also try buying a hand cooler. However we do not recommend these solutions if you are experiencing excessive sweating all the time since the temperature is not far from the only factor creating excessive sweating.